Abha Ahuja

In tribute to one who has inspired so much of us to greatness through that of her own.

Abha and I started our careers in the Internet at roughly the same time. I began working at Merit in the spring of 1995 and she had just started at the UMich/Merit NOC. We both worked on the Routing Arbiter Project and I recall many a night getting paged by her and co-troubleshooting problems with the RA route servers and RADB. In the spring of 1996, Abha came to work for Merit directly and joined us in the Internet Engineering group. After funding was cut for the route servers, she and I worked on the follow-on project to commercialise the RA route servers into what became RSng (Route Server Next Generation). As part of that project, we did a lot of travel together visiting customers sites and setting up equipment... sometimes even setting them on fire. I like to think she and I worked well together and I've been told that when people spoke about one of us, it always included the other. I considered Abha the best partner I've ever had the pleasure to work with... and more importantly a very special friend.


During the time she and I worked together, Abha always had a camera with her. I usually carried mine too but for some reason she took more pictures. I have however managed to dig up some photographs. I know I have more somewhere and as I find them, I will add them to this collection. Most of these are from the fall of 1997. I had just gotten a new camera and was snap-happy.

Merit picnic: Ann
		Arbor, MI, USA, 5 Sep 1997

Here is Abha with Craig Labovitz at the Merit picnic in Ann Arbor, MI on 5 Sep, 1997

Fall 1997 NANOG Meeting:
		Phoenix, AZ, USA, 27 Oct 1997

This picture was taken during the Fall 1997 NANOG in Phoenix, AZ. The timestamp on the back of the picture says it was 0359 and since my camera was probably still riding on EDT, that meant it was just about 0200 localtime which means this is probably a picture of Abha at the hotel bar (possibly after a few drinks).

IETF40 Meeting: Washington DC,
		8 Dec 1997

This is Abha during the IETF40 Meeting in Washington DC pouring over some of Rusty Eddy's slides while sitting on one of the lavish (read: gaudy) benches at the Mayflower Hotel.

Dinner boat: Abu Dabi, UAE, 17
		Sep 1998

During my remaining days at Merit, Abha and I worked on a project to jumpstart an IRR and route server enabled exchange point in the UAE. As part of this project, we were flown to Dubai and spent two weeks there setting up the registry and the route servers and training the staff of Etisalet, the UAE's telecommincations bureau. The picture above was taken on 17 Sep 1998 on a dinner boat that a couple of our Etisalet hosts took us on. We were cruising just off the shores of Abu Dabi. Abha has the pipe of a hookah in her hand. I recall us referring to it as a "hubbly-bubbly". Abha even got me to try a couple of puffs.

My Wedding,
		Saline MI, 27 Jul 1997

The above picture was taken at my wedding in Saline, MI on 27 Jul 1997. Standing behind and to her right is Sean.