• Differential Plate Action: Inner and outer chain cage plates move with an independent action that improves shifting response.
  • Light Alloy Chain Cage: Nickel plated light alloy chain cage reduces weight and resisits wear.
  • Mega-9 Compatible: Designed for narrow 9-speed chains.

Top Swing Action yes
Differential Plate Mechanisim yes
Rear Compatibility 9-Speed
Total Top-low Max. Capacity 22T
Top-middle Min. Capacity 12T
Top Gear Teeth 44/46/48T
Cable Routing System top & bottom routes available
Chain Stay Angle 66-69 degrees
Mount Type-Seat Tube Band Clamp 28.6/31.8/34.9mm
Mount Type-Band Material aluminum/annodized
Mount Type- B.B. Mounting Plate
Mount Type-Plate Material
Outer Link forged aluminum/color annodized
Inner Link aluminum/color anodized
Link Bushing outer & inner
Chain Cage aluminum/nickel plated
Weight 117g