Cycle Computer

The hallmark of Shimano's Systems Enineering is a seamless integration of body and machine. This has resulted in the finest cycling technologies in the world, and has producted the most accurate, versatile, and responsive cycling computer on the road and off-road.

  • Controls integrated into shift levers
  • Start and alter inputs without changing hand position
  • Gear selection and ratios instantly available due to the sensors built right into levers
  • Calculates Virtual cadence from road speed & gear ratio

The Flight Deck integrates the cycling computer push-buttons into the Dual Control lever for quicker and safer operation that lets you keep your concentration while riding.

    Display Contents
  1. Current Speed (VEL)
  2. Clock (CLK)
  3. Trip Time (TIM)
  4. Trip distance (DST)
  5. ODO meter (ODO)
  6. Stopwatch
  7. Stopwatch-trip distance (DST STW)
  8. Stopwatch-average speed (AVE STW)
  9. Stopwatch-maximum speed (MAX STW)
  10. Cadence
  11. Maximum Speed
  12. Average Speed
  13. Lap counter
  14. Gear number (digital)
  15. Gear indicator (bar)
  16. Gear ratio
  17. VEL : AVE comparison
  18. Low battery display
  • Automatic stop/start function (TIM)
  • Manual start/stop function (STW)
  • Simplified tire display
  • Power saver function
  • Compatible with double, triple front chainwheel and 7, 8, 9 rear sprockets. Compatible with Rapid Rise derailleur.
  • Gear indicator option function
  • Time reset function
  • Data viewing function when computer is removed from mount
  • All clear switch (AC)

The STI® lever incorporates an integral shift sensor that allows the computer to display not only the current gear selection but the gear ratio as well. The cycle computer also provides a display of pedal cadence in addition to the conventional speed, top speed, and elapsed time functions.

The mode select button on the STI lever lets you call up the desired function without taking your hands off the bars. You can also start the computer as you start your ride without changing hand position on the bar. The Flight Deck not only tells you how you're riding, it helps you ride better as well. It's a new milestone in user-friendly component design

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